Dear members of the Korean Society of Clinical Veterinary Medicine

Since its founding in 1984, the Korean Society of Veterinary Clinics is celebrating its 40th anniversary. Thanks to the active participation and dedication of our members, we have achieved remarkable growth despite many difficulties. In particular, it has developed into an academic organization contributing to the development of clinical veterinary medicine in Korea as the only professional academic organization in the veterinary clinical field registered with the Korea Federation of Science and Technology.


The recent era of rapid advancement and development in science and technology is also demanding change in our academic society. In particular, the field of companion animals requires specialization and subdivision of clinical veterinary medicine, which is becoming the trend of the times. The development of clinical technology not only in university hospitals but also in private general hospitals is rapidly advancing in each specialty, and academic societies are also changing according to the trends of the times. Academically, conference presentations and academic journals need to be improved so that more scientific, evidence-based clinical medicine can be realized.


The Journal of Veterinary Clinics is the representative face of the society and is currently a SCOPUS-registered journal published six times a year. We are striving to establish ourselves as an international journal through PMC, PubMed searches, and SCI(E) listing. This will continue to require active support and cooperation from our members.


The academic conference, held twice a year, is a meaningful venue for presenting and sharing new clinical research results and cases by clinical researchers and field clinicians in each specialty, and at the same time, it has consistently served as a venue for exchange of the latest clinical information. Not only universities but also private veterinary hospitals have the latest medical equipment and high-quality human resources, so I believe that domestic clinical veterinary medicine will be able to develop rapidly if the academic and clinical communities interact more closely with each other. Also, I have no doubt that if we invite famous overseas clinical professors or clinicians to Korea and interact with them, we will quickly reach an international clinical level.


The Korean Society of Clinical Veterinary Medicine has a clear goal of developing clinical veterinary medicine through academic conferences and publishing academic journals. The current executive team is comprised of both academic and clinical personnel, and everyone will do their best to advance the society. We ask for active support and participation from all members.

Kang-Moon Seo, DVM PhD
President of the Korean Society of Clinical Veterinary Medicine

1, Gwanak-ro, Gwanak-gu, Seoul, Korea, Seoul national university, College of Veterinary medicine
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